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Frequently Asked Questions


These are the most frequent asked questions, and answers.

We will be updating this section very shortly to include video’s, and explanations on all the technology that we do offer.

Absolutely!  You do not need an appointment.  Most of the times we have open availability, because people usually all come at the same time.

However, if you do have time, it is always better to book in advance.  

You can call us directly at 226 973 2690.

There really isn’t an age limit.  Manufacturers have a recommended age limit of 11.

We have had children as young as 8 use our equipment.  If it is ok with the guardian, and the equipment fits, then it is ok with us.

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We do recommend you wear contacts.  If you do insist on wearing your glasses, 90% of people are usually ok.  The only time we run into a problem is if someone has really large frames, and the equipment does not fit.

We find that is usually more comfortable without glasses.

You can come by yourself.  You can either play on your own in a virtual reality chamber, race a car, try a roller coaster, and you can even go into the arena alone.