983 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6E 3A9
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Dreamland VR Mobile Arena

Dreamland VR Mobile Arena

Dreamland Virtual Reality’s Mobile Arena


Virtual Reality should be portable.  We designed this system so that we could bring virtual reality to fairs, schools, weddings, and corporate events.  All the equipment is state of the art.

Dreamland VR is located at 983 Wellington Rd, London, ON.  We are known for having the most advanced, and largest virtual reality arena in Canada.  It is 2,400 square feet.  If you haven’t been to Dreamland, it is safe to say that you haven’t experienced real virtual reality.

Most virtual reality entertainment centres have standard HTC VIVE setups, and they are positioned in 10 feet by 10 feet rooms.  A setup like that has limitations.  For instance, since you are in a small space, you can’t walk within a few feet without bumping into a wall.  Further to that, you are usually tethered by a cord that is connected to a computer.  At Dreamland the experience is completely different.  When you see a doorway in our arena, you walk through the door way with your two feet.  You don’t use a controller to move, you walk.  You can touch your companions, and high five each other.

Going to Dreamland is like being in the Matrix.  We bring the future to you!

Have a look at the video’s below.  If you want to experience the future, visit us on Wellington rd, in London, ON.  If you want to throw the best corporate event, wedding, Christmas party, or school event, book our virtual reality mobile arena.  We have what you are looking for.


Dreamland VR’s Holodeck Arena


Dreamland VR’s Mobile Arena at Ribfest

Dreamland VR’s Mobile Arena at Ribfest

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